Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Makeup Indiana

The Colorful Indian is already in the minds of women , because in addition to their clothing and accessories is another point that stands out is the Indian makeup which is striking and remarkable, leaving the woman with an appearance that puzzles for beauty. So we will teach how to do this kind of makeup and increase their traces of beauty.

Indian Makeup Step-by-step
* 1 - Before applying the shadow, pass a thick layer of translucent face powder in the region below the eyes. Thus, if the shadow falls, will not be fixed there.
* 2 - Apply a little brown shadow all around the eyes, pulling the corners to give an air and marking the eastern region of the concave. For this you must mark the fold of the eyelid so that, with eyes open, you can see a bit of shade.
* 3 - Eyes very contoured and black are the most striking point of Indian make. To get the look quite alluring, kajal pass several times at the root of the upper and lower lashes, all along the line of the tear. "Blink several times for it to spread and create a blurred effect around the eyes." Then esfume with a cotton swab or brush shadow.
* 4 - The Indian also have very prominent eyebrows. You should fill them after smoky eyes. So you have a better idea of the color intensity of the make. Fill in the gaps between the wires with pencil dark brown or black, according to the color of your hair. To close your eyes, make a strong dash of eyeliner and apply several layers of mask volume to lashes.
* 5 - To choose the color shade used in the rest of the eyelid you have any freedom. The dark shading is well with all colors. Just pick an average color for the lid and a lighter to apply below the eyebrows, which will act as an illuminator. These looks, Penelope opted for orange shades, using beige as illuminator, and the intense blue, light pink as using the illuminator.
* 6 - The skin should have a natural cover. To do this make any necessary corrections with the concealer, apply the base and, finally, a little loose face powder. The blush is applied with soft , just to give volume to the cheekbones. In the mouth, a pink gloss gives an air of grace and finishes make. If you want even more join Indian-style, apply a bindi, the colored dot between the eyebrows, which gives even more charm to the look.
Makeup Tips Indiana
The person who has dark skin and dark hair wins if you want to experience the marked traits, after all this is the profile of women in India. But the blondes can also try, with some adjustments: the pencil is still used, but the liner is not necessary. And it takes special attention to the powder, which ensures the nuances tanned face. The variation from day to night, this style of makeup is minimal. The difference lies only in the eye, to be most prominent at night and have finer features during the day (you can eliminate, for example, the corners puxadinho)
Use and abuse of bracelets, earrings and necklaces! In India it is all too! Women are extremely vain . Who loves accessories can make to use and abuse! Indian women are always very much gold and silver, they are adorned all the time!
The bindi (the one stone that adorns the forehead of women in India) is very important to make the look Indian. He is the third eye, the eye of the mind, vital in Indian culture. You should put it between the eyebrows, just above.

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